First shot- Krakow airport

You know a lot about me. You know that I love travelling, my passion is photography and I am a manager by profession. All these activities require from me a lot of creativity and flexibility. Fortunately, fate has given me the opportunity to combine my passions and work with each other.

I have visited many places in this world where I could not tear myself away from the lens. One shot was better than another. So many beautiful places and so many amazing people. Sometimes it was a business trip, and sometimes I just paste in the Internet random directions and check where I can go for a short trip. And this time it was Central Europe. And more precisely – I visited Krakow! When I saw such an opportunity, directly to the airport in this city, I decided that I cannot miss such an opportunity. I have heard many positive opinions about this city. So as soon as the opportunity arose, I decided that life gives me wind in my sails, and more literally in the wings of the plane, straight to the airport Balice in Krakow!

Krakow – the city of creative people

In my opinion, already at first glance, this city impresses with its atmosphere and climate. In a way it has a retro soul. I decided to visit the most wonderful photographic places in Krakow to take pictures like retro postcards. See for yourself what kind of places they are and judge if I managed to show the atmosphere of this magical place.

On every corner you can see artists selling their paintings, people drawing caricatures of tourists, street photo exhibitions and of course beautifully maintained art galleries. Krakow is a city full of art and there is no doubt about that.

First steps

Getting off the plane, I already felt like pulling out my lens to capture the beautiful sunset that greeted me at the Krakow airport. After checking in, it was already getting dark, so I decided not to look for a bus to the city center, but to use the services of JTP Group. Their chauffeur took me directly from the airport to my boutique hotel. The trip took maybe 20 minutes. I did not even feel it, because I was too busy searching the internet for the most beautiful places to plan the must-see spots for the upcoming weekend. By the way, I found very cool tour offers on the website:, where together with a guide you can see the most interesting corners and sights in this city.


In Krakow there is a lot of historic and climatic streets, you can even get lost. It’s worth to walk around and discover your own places. I bought a postcard with antique Krakow’s Poselska street in the Old Town and I decided to find it. It worked. Krakow streets are definitely inspiring places for photos.

The most climatic streets in the Old Town are: Kanonicza street, Grodzka street, Floriańska street, Bracka street.


The Main Market Square in Krakow proudly features St. Mary’s Church, from which the bugle call is played every day at a full hour. Pigeons are also iconic. It is worth to “shoot” a pigeon with St. Mary’s Church in the background. A great idea for a photo. Another shot of St. Mary’s Church, which is worth taking is from the famous Krakow’s Cloth Hall, located across the street.


Being in this place you must photograph the arcades of Sukiennice with lanterns. Such photos come out very climatic and mysterious. Especially when you process them later on black and white photos.


One of Krakow’s streets that really charmed me. St. Thomas Street with the Infidel Thomas Alley and the famous Café Camelot. Actually, this alley is located at the intersection of two streets: St. Thomas and St. John. Apparently, it is best to come here early in the morning to avoid third parties in the photos, and then drop in for a delicious breakfast at Café Camelot. This is one of the most beautiful and atmospheric places in the Old Town of Krakow.


On the Small Market Square in Krakow, which is located near the Main Square you can take a break from the crowds of tourists and the hustle and bustle. On this rectangular square you will be able to admire historic houses with pastel colors. The atmosphere is a bit Italian, which is good for relaxation 🙂 Definitely a very interesting place for photos in Krakow.


Well known place that is the oldest part of Krakow Academy. The courtyard of Collegium Maius is stunning from the photographic point of view. You can admire interesting cloisters with vaulted ceilings, decorative doors, terraces, professorial stairs and in the middle there is a well. Head for the corner of St. Anne’s and Jagiellonian Street.


Who does not know this place? Probably there is no such person. The showcase and symbol of Krakow, a magical place, full of history and important events. These images can be found on every postcard, stamp or magnet that you can buy anywhere. Great shots were taken when swans were swimming on the river, and there are many of them in this place. You can take such a photo with the Wawel Castle panorama, the river and swans on the other side of the Vistula River by walking around the Vistula Boulevards.


The most popular photographic location in Kazimierz is definitely the old store signs on Szeroka street. Everyone who comes to Krakow and visits Kazimierz wants to take pictures here.


A bicycle and pedestrian route connecting Kazimierz with Podgórze. Original and interesting construction of the bridge, excellent view of the Vistula River, padlocks hung in love, just like in Paris. All this makes the Father Bernard’s Footbridge is another interesting place to take pictures, and from here it is just a “stone’s throw” to Krakow’s Podgórze, where the market looks like the one in the heart of Milan.


This is one of the most popular places on Instagram. Photo furore is caused by an artificial reservoir – Zakrzówek Lagoon, whose water often sparkles with beautiful shades of blue and is surrounded by rocks. The views are like from Croatia! Right next to it are the Twardowski Rocks – a group of rock walls where you can practice mountain climbing.

Photomonth in Krakow

This is one of the largest cyclical events dedicated to the visual arts in Poland. I’ve read about it many times, and now I had the opportunity to participate in it myself! It was a wonderful experience!

MFK is not only about photographic exhibitions, but also a wide range of accompanying events that comment on the main theme of the festival and contemporary photography. The festival is co-created by well-known artists and curators from Poland and abroad. As you can read on the festival website: ”Each exhibition is a different point of view, a subjective statement of the author, which corresponds with the others and invites the viewer to a discussion”.

Each year, the event is attended by more than 100 artists and specialists from Poland and abroad, and around 30 exhibitions and 60 accompanying events are organised in 40 locations in Krakow.

The festival programme is divided into main and accompanying exhibitions as well as a number of other activities, such as workshops, film screenings, portfolio reviews, meetings with artists and curators.

I recommend it to all artists

I have already visited many places, seen many things…but I will never forget Krakow! It has stayed in my heart for good. All these beautiful places that I saw, I managed to photograph in every way. I will definitely make a souvenir album of it! And then there’s this sightseeing tour with Krakow Direct. The guide was amazing. His knowledge was immense, and with great interest he told us about the oldest monuments and history of Krakow. I recommend it to everyone!

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