Auschwitz and other polish museums

My visit in Poland was rather short, but pithy. I was in four cities and they showed me the history of Poland, from the north with the sea, to the heart, the capital- Warsaw, and from Krakow, the royal city to Zakopane, in the heart of mountains. I must admit that all of them had their unique charm and I can’t say which one I choose as ,,the best”. The same with places I have seen. I was in Auschwitz- Birkenau Concentration Camps which will stay in my mind for ever. My goal was to trace the history of polish uprising, Holocaust and fight with communism. let me mention The Warsaw Rising Museum,  and Museum of the Second World War.

Gdansk- Museum of the Second World War

World war II museum in Gdansk
Modern, stylish World war II museum in Gdansk.

It’s here where the Second World War begun. Not without a reason Gdansk was chosen to host such a museum. And it’s not just a simple building. It was called finest piece of architecture this century, and it really deserves it. It was designed by Studio Kwadrat, which won the first prize in the architectural competition. You will learn there bout heroic resistance at Westerplatte.  It’s all about telling the moving story of importance. So that it will never happen again.  The tragedy of the war influenced all European people. Museum is a timeless symbol inscribed in the hearts of the people of  Europe.  MSWW was awarded with the “Pomeranian Storm” as The Investment of the Year. The museum reminds about the tragedy in this symbolic place and the courage and perseverance of occupied nations.

Warsaw- Warsaw Uprising Museum

The Warsaw Uprising Museum in the Wola district of Warsaw, Poland,
The Warsaw Uprising Museum is a modern and interesting place with a lot of history.

Museum located in former trams power station was open for public on the 60th anniversaryof the outbreak of fighting in the city. This museum demonstrates the bloodiest events in the history of Poland. It traces the history of the Warsaw’s heroic but doomed uprising against the Nazi occupation in 1944  and remains one of Poland’s best museums. One of the main attractions is a replica of the bomber Liberator B-24J. You will learn here about unfair fight with Nazi doctrine, Holocaust, communism, PRL times ( period in Poland’s history). There is also a 3D movie ‘The City of Ruins’ where you can see how the ruined city looked like from the above.  It is a tribute to those who fought and died for a free Poland and its capital. And a reminder that war makes all civilians suffer.

Krakow- Auschwitz Concentration Camps

Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Auschwitz Concentration Camps surrounded by the walls.

The Auschwitz concentration camp complex was the largest of its kind established by the Nazi regime. It was a place of genocide, around one million people were tormented and murdered here. It was slow and painful death, in fear and with loosing the will to survive. ,,Prisoners” were simply other than Aryan nationality, political opponents, their families, homosexuals, people removed from their homes to make a place for occupants. Kept in tragic conditions, people were dehumanized, tortured and humiliated. I was walking between bunks, someone left there a rose. I saw the places where bodies were burnt. There are photos of the prisoners hanging on the walls. Thrilling, shocking, moving.